China Image started out as a project team I established within the Chinese Entrepreneurial Network at the University of Michigan.  My goal was to connect Western and Asian perspectives to challenge stereotypes and misconceptions.  The members wrote a some nice articles in the earlier posts of this blog, and we acted as consultants on a few projects involving the automotive industry and education projects in rural China.

Since I graduated with my PhD in 2011, I left Michigan and decided to start this blog in earnest.  Although I was born in Shanghai, I moved to the States during elementary school where I was the only Asian in my whole class.  I realized back then that people have many misconceptions about China and Asia in general, wanted to share all the fun things out there that many people don’t know about.

I now live with my husband and a sheltie in Vancouver – where there’s tons of good Asian stuff to be found.  I love crafts, food, culture, so you’ll find these things and pretty much anything else I find interesting in this blog.

My other projects:

LifeAfterPhD.com – an advice blog on opportunities available in grad school and beyond.

I’m also writing a book on my family.  My paternal grandfather started out as a farmer’s son, and led the Chinese Cultural Revolution in Shanghai, was the principle in the school for workers and farmers, and helped a lot of people even after he became the president of the Shanghai Chemical Company.  My maternal grandparents on the other hand were highly educated scientists, whose family have held high society positions for generations.  During the Cultural Revolution, the two family’s social status flipped around, yet, they were still able to maintain their friendship and eventually became family.  Interesting right?

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