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Origin of Chinese New Year and Spring Festival

This year we say goodbye to the Year of the Snake and welcome in the Year of the Horse for Chinese New Year 4712. But how did it all start 4712 years ago? Nowadays,...

Age of WuShu (九阴真经) The MMORPG that brings the martial novels to life 0

Age of WuShu (九阴真经) The MMORPG that brings the martial novels to life

I’m a big fan of Chinese martial arts novels set in ancient times(武侠小说). I in fact own the whole set of novels written by my favorite author of this genera, Jin Yong (金庸). Yes,...

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“What is love?” – The hilarious high school entrance essay that got the perfect score

Every year, numerous students in China give their all during the entrance exams so they can test into the best high school within their reach.  This year, one particular essay not only got a...


Chinese Calendar Explained

The Chinese calendar still used to determine holidays like the Chinese New Year is a bit different from the western calendar that we all follow.  While the western calendar was invented by the Romans...

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Learn to read Korean in 15 minutes

It’s true!  You too can pronounce Korean words in just a few minutes! (Understanding Korean though is a different matter…).