Egg Song

I love eggs.  All kinds of eggs.  Whether boiled, fried, steamed, pickled, or salted, eggs are so delicious and versatile.

During my sophomore year back at Cornell, my suit mates found this wonderful song online.  From that day on, we constantly sang the egg song from time to time all the way till we parted ways after graduation.  So amazing! hahaha.  (click on the image below to see the video).

I love eggs

egg song

The original video is from a korean website.  Which is worth checking out if you like cute things.

There are oh so cute characters,

Guma egg

Guma egg


Cartoons of them going to school,

egg school

egg school

and the cute products they sell.  I personally would love to have an egg motorcycle! (more of a scooter?)

egg bike

egg bike

Lucky for me, I’ve moved to Vancouver, and I actually see some of these egg products in the Chinese malls around here.  Think I’m gonna go get me an egg dangler.

egg cell phone strap

egg dangler

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