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Officer Zhang points his gun at the burrning man 0

Panjin police guns down a villager ON FIRE over land dispute – epic action sequence

What happened when the police showed up in response to the confrontation between the Wong family and the construction workers sounds like something from a ridiculous movie script. In the northern city of Panjin,...

Rapid growth of the Chinese economy (dual language post) 0

Rapid growth of the Chinese economy (dual language post)

中国依靠的廉价制造业高速发展30年,近5年,因为国内制造业发展疲软,大量的资金涌如房地产业,催生了地价,房价飞涨,腐败问题也因为政府的土地财政更加 恶化。今年,为了抑制房价继续飞涨,催生出更多的泡沫,中央进行了人为的价格抑制,并勒令央企退出房市,准备上市,接受市场经济的洗礼,伴随着今年国际板 在中国露面,从房市到股市的分流非常值得期待,也可以缓解一味的进行短期的价格抑制所带来的对房市和经济不利的影响。毕竟,在中国,钢需的市场巨大,即使 建起了廉租房,商品房的需求仍然很高。因为,我们还有一个巨大的消费群体没有挖掘—-农民。 For 30 years, China’s rapid growth has been fueled by cheap labor in manufacturing industry.  In the past 5 years, large amounts of capital have been swarming into the property...