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crepe with ice cream, pocky, strawberry, chocolate, and orange 0

Instructions for beaded charm – “Crepe a la mode”

This cute beaded charm is made from the Beads Kit Series No.3 “Crepe a la mode” This is a pretty easy charm to make.  There’s no English instructions I can find on this kit,...

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Picking the best hairstyle with bangs (newest Asian designs 2012)

Bangs, or fringes, can affect your entire hairstyle and can in fact change the whole shape of your face.  Choosing the right style of bangs could frame your face to accentuate your best features...

learn Korean in 15 min 0

Learn to read Korean in 15 minutes

It’s true!  You too can pronounce Korean words in just a few minutes! (Understanding Korean though is a different matter…).

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How to chose hair color (advice from Asians)

You see someone down the street with a hair color that looks great.  You try out the same color, but it just doesn’t look right – in fact, it’s so bad to the point...